By using the Nanotechnology during the production of our silkscreen inks we get a high Opacity of the prints on the balloons.
The pigments are almost hackled to the size of a Molecule and the rubber is extremely elastic.





ball mill

The pigments and the prepared rubber are mixed together in the ball mill.

















By using different machines during the production process our inks are in a high viscous condition.
Therefore our inks

  1. are highly covering and economical in usage
  2. no longer dangerous goods(hazmat)
    After dilation with solvents the ink becomes dangerous good
  3. non-toxic
  4. correspondents to DIN EN71 -3
  5. No contents of Nitrosamines
  6. No contents of PAH's


For the colour scale cmyk use our inks:

c = cyan blue HKS 47
m = magenta HKS 27
y = yellow HKS 3
k = black HKS 88


Our inks are no mix, they are made from original pigments.



 yellow colour pigments red colour pigments













If you wish for a bright and vibrant print on black or dark coloured balloons, we will gladly send you our special formulations, with which you can mix vibrant colours from our available printing inks yourself.


metallic balloon custom printed standard balloon custom printed

















For download, please click the images:

chart rubber printing inks standard colours chart rubber inks metallic and neon colours